Facility Management software


Fully web-based software, highly parameterizable and customizable, for the computerized management of Facility Management processes, fmportal.NET represents a CAFM system (Computer Aided Facility Management) to be used as a useful support tool for the Facility Management issues management.

It is recommended to all those organizational realities that want to improve and keep under control the management of all activities not included in the company core-business, supporting the underlying decision-making and strategic processes.

FMPortal.NET consists of the following modules:

Basic Modules

  • Document Management Module
  • Spaces Management Modules
  • Furniture and Equipment Management Module
  • Business Organization Module
  • Failure Maintenance Module and Call Center

Specialist Modules

  • Scheduled Maintenance Module
  • Warehouse Module
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Module
  • Space Reservation Module
  • EnerManagement Module
  • Budget Management Module
  • Survey and Customer Satisfaction Module
  • Workflow Management Module
  • Mobile Smartphome and Tablet Module


Recently, fmportal.NET has expanded its offer by implementing the Consip and Datamart Contract Management module. The module allows to manage the flow of activities typically required by Consip Conventions, allowing to follow step by step the order evolution in its commercial part, with the possibility to manage the entire documentation related to it.

All modules can be personalized, according to the clients’ specific needs.