Energy Management software

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Its multidisciplinary and complete functions in the energy sector, implemented in an integrated system that supports a virtuous cycle of planning and control, aimed at the continuous reduction of costs and energy consumption, make it the reference point in the applications you can find on market

The main Energy & Efficiency platform features are:

  • Web-Based Architecture (does not need of software installed on users’ PCs)
  • Natively Multi Plant, Multi User, Multi Language (and Multi Client, in case of Esco);
  • Users with different levels and configurable access profiles;
  • Formulas management for creation of Indices, KPIs, Virtual Counters;
  • Print report and/or send via Email directly from the platform;
  • Creation of alarms on conditions and respective sending of emails to the various recipients;
  • Scheduling of sending reports via email to assigned recipients;
  • Data export in CSV / Excel format;
  • Acquisition and historicizing of consumption data of any energy carrier (Electric, Gas, Diesel, Water, Compressed air capacity, thermal energy, steam, etc.);
  • Acquisition and historicizing of any variable data (eg temperatures, pressures, day degrees, pieces produced, Kg products, hours of operation, etc.);
  • Creation of multiple representation trees of the meters, for example breakdown of meters by cost center, by departments, by order, by energy carriers, etc.;
  • Pivot Analysis, to build reports in free autonomy;
  • Chance to import data manually (production, temperatures, various variables);
  • Consumption models forecast creation, which identify waste using statistical correlation and data techniques;
  • Interfacing with other systems (Desigo, Honeywell, Scada, ERP, etc.);
  • Chance of acquiring the consumption data in different ways:
    • Automatic acquisition from the meters via Modbus RTU and TCP;
    • Automatic acquisition via OPC (for example, towards Scada)
    • Automatic capture from CSV files;

Manual acquisition (data entry) of the value /data.